Friday, January 20, 2006

Birkett and Noonan on Political Shootout Sunday

Joe Birkett, DuPage states’ attorney and a candidate for Lieutenant Governor running with Judy Baar Topinka, and Mike Noonan, Democratic strategist and campaign manager for Lisa Madigan, who defeated Birkett for AG last time, will be guests on my Political Shootout Sunday radio talk show starting at 8 p.m. on WLS (890 AM). (Note: the City Club hasn’t finished booking candidates for the GOP lieutenant governor debate and I’ll let you know when it does).


  1. Tom, Birkett was hard to believe Sunday night.

    Toopinka's partner (ouch, what a thought) Birkett said he was against waste in government. But he dodged any specifics, such as waste on pinstipe welfare in the bonding process.

    Tom asked Joe about the State Employee Union's endorsement of Toopinka. It was uncomfortable to hear Birkett dodge the obvious. One of the biggest wastes of money is on too many state employees doing nothing. While there are a few prison guards actually guarding prisoners and highway maintenance people actually filling potholes, the reality is that most employees are not providing any useful service to the public.
    There are way too many layers of mid-level management.
    There are way too many employees charged with monitoring the contracts let to consultants contracted to do nothing except kickback part of their consulting income as voluntary campaign donations.
    Thee are way too many employees shuffling the forms received from the overregulated local governments and businesses.
    There are way too many employees taking way too many "personal days" (by whatever name you choose).

    The union benefits from a bloated state payroll. Both Toopinka and Blow-dry-o-vich will continue the bloated payroll. The others will not. Blow-dry will win the primary easily. So the union covered its bet by endorsing Toopinka. Now watch the state employees paid with our tax money, "volunteer" to work for Toopinka in the primary at the "suggestion" of their union.

  2. JMJ As a pro-life, home school mother of 4, I don't have time to watch all the dabates, read the papers, listen to radio. All I know is Oberweis had a chance to beet Topinka and Brady split the vote. Don't know if Brady was paid by Topinka to stay in the race or what. We knew Brady didn't have a chance as sad as that was but would vote for him in anything if he stepped down. He is off my list all toghether now. Again I say, what a disservice Illinoic Citizen for Life did by chossing a non electable candidate. ICL is off my list too. Not only did they endorse Brady, they gave Topinka an X = not enough information to give a rating and Birkett a rating of 1, fully pro-life with an # EXCEPT IN CAES OF RAPE AND INCEST??????????? HOW CAN YOU BE FULLY PRO-LIFE EXCEPT IN CAES OF RAPE AND INCEST??? I think ICL threw the election. Phylis endorsed Oberweis and that was good enough for me.Immoral for Catholics to vote for a governor now, we only have days to file a pro-life politician. PLEASE,IF WE DON'T HAVE ANYONE ELSE, LET US ENCOURAGE PETER BREEN, A LAWYER FROM LOMBARD WHO STARTED A PREGNANCY OPTIONS CENTER. PLEASE, FOR THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY, THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IN THEIR SCHOOL BOOKS. PLEASE, LETS DO THE RIGHT THING! TIME IS RUNNING LOW, WE NEED TO FILE A POLITICIAN NOW! God bless, Nancy Weber

  3. Abominable, that a once pro-life candidate can turn his back and run with a candidate who wants to make IL a 'HUB' for embryonic stem cell research, talk about selling your soul! I am tired of compromising my principles, voting for the lesser of two evils. I will not vote for EVIL again! I am doing everything in my power to further the only pro-life, pro-one man/woman marraige ammendment, candate we have in IL for governor. Sure, he is a write in candidate and the only successful third party was Abe Lincoln's Republican Party, but if my vote doesn't count in the IL election, I know it will count on my merits in Heaven. Thank you Randall Stufflebeam for giving true conservatives a choice!