Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Topinka v. Oberweis is the Way It Looks for Now

The Illinois Republican governorship race seems increasingly to be between Topinka and Oberweis, with the future of the GOP very much caught up in that contest. On the Democratic side, I would imagine that Edwin Eisendrath could give Rod Blagojevich a pretty good tussle with the possibility that at the very least, the Dems would emerge with as bloody a victor as the Republicans after the Topinka-Oberweis struggle. I can’t see Bill Brady doing much to move in a competitive position to Oberweis.


  1. The point you make: "the future of the GOP very much caught up in that contest" sums it up nicely. Topinka is a traditional political candidate of the corrupt Illinois GOP. Topinka is part of the problem and she is no solution. Oberweis a consistent Republican supporter does enter the contest as an outsider. More to the point he has shown he is willing to face tough issues (immigration) and has proven business savvy. With Topinka we will get more of the same, with the corrupt shell of the IL GOP still calling the shots. IL will continues to slowly sink into the morass of filth and corruption that has plagued it. With Oberweis IL has a chance. A chance to have a bright, hard working Governor who is more concerned with the world he leaves behind than how to kiss his supporters behind. Oberwies - the candidate for a future of hope.

    the fluffy bunny

  2. As you point out Tom it seems more and more that Brady is just there. For what reason I have to ask? He will not call for Kejellander to step down even after the bad week KJ had in the Ryan trial, at least 3 times his name came up about cheating the taxpayers and his bosses at IBM. Still Brady stands in support of him?
    Senator you have brought up your name ID and showed that you can be viable in the future. Please drop out and support Oberweis, with you out JBT loses in a landslide. You don't want to be a spoiler. Unless your staying in to be a spoiler then you will never win a statewide election.
    Get out now and you are a hero to conservatives and your future is bright.

  3. And I mean anyone - George Ryan (who I didn't vote for), Randy "Duke" Cunningham, Richard Daley, John Gotti. Nobody would be more corrupt or more of a dark stain on the GOP or the State of Illinois than Topinka. Nobody. Not even Blago who I will vote for in a heart beat over Topinka.

    A consevative disappointed in the Illinois GOP for a very long time

  4. So much bull crap propaganda makes my head hurt....