Friday, December 23, 2005

Speaker Madigan’s Spoiled Brat Forcing Contributions to the Red Cross? What is this, the old USSR?

Today’s Sun-Times exclusive story has state Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the impeccable pro-abort chief legal officer, forcing alleged…not convicted…gas gougers to give to the Red Cross or she will institute “other options including the filing of a lawsuit” smacks of the insuperable arrogance long been associated with her. A towering ego, prompted by several years of laudatory media coverage and the protection by her powerful step-father against the harsh winds of controversy, has led to this little-girl-like tantrum. She stamps her tiny foot and big operators cringe. The alleged offenders are 18 gas station owners across Illinois who raised their prices sharply after Hurricane Katrina. Understand, the gas station owners are not convicted, merely suspected. Madigan demands they fork over $1,000 apiece to the Red Cross. Why the Red Cross? Because that agency was the recipient of funds in 2001 from a price-gouging case won by Madigan’s predecessor, Jim Ryan. I don’t care if Jim Ryan did it or not—the idea of a politician picking a charity and forcing people to contribute and this before any conviction is repugnant. She has no power, as a court would, to force contributions but only the threat of a future lawsuit. Sounds the height of arrogance to me.

Incidentally, the head of the Red Cross just stepped down under pressure because of supposed slowness in responding to Katrina.


  1. What is the Red Cross' connection to Christmas?

    And isn't that the organization which got $1.5 billion to help Hurricane Katrina and has spent only $750,000?

  2. There's been much chest thumping about our nation being based on the rule of law. If there wasn't a law broken, why the threats? If there was a law broken, enforce it. If the law broken is senseless, stop the threats and lobby for change.