Monday, December 19, 2005

Potpourri: Random Observations About Politics and Life

As one who salutes the return of officially partisan newspapers on behalf of truth-in-labeling, I’m delighted to see fierce partisan Democrat Lynn Sweet, the Sun-Times Washington editor, banging the drums for Tammy Duckworth, the seriously wounded helicopter pilot who is running for the Democratic nomination for 6th district Congress. Sweet, thisclose to Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), the Democratic congressional campaign chief, slants her stories (twice in a few days) to encourage Christine Cegalis and Lindy Scott to get out of Duckworth’s way so as to further ensure a Democratic victory. While she’s at it, Sweet is also batting clean-up for Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.) who a few weeks ago urged removal of troops immediately, Sweet reporting that Murtha put a 6-month timetable on withdrawal (which Murtha adjusted after he ran into political trouble with his earlier statement). Of course, Sweet doesn’t refer to Murtha’s change of heart as it would harm the Dems’ cause. Also, her partisan responsibilities preclude Sweet from ever reporting what other news sources have: that Emanuel convinced Nancy Pelosi from calling a vote on withdrawal which, given the number of dovish Dems, would have complicated Emanuel’s strategy to encourage moderation.

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