Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Fragmentary Notes

Am encouraged about the response to this blog; amazing number of hits for a comparatively recent start-up…Am thinking about giving this blog’s endorsement of some good political candidates…Fellow blogger Cal Skinner writes about the cold-eyed, emotional-less Carol Marin who chided former Vietnam flyer-ace and Congressman Duke Cunningham for weeping in contrition at his indictment, reminding us that Marin wiped a few tears away herself when Democrat Joe Cari was indicted for corruption,, hinting it was unfair and never commented when he pleaded guilty, citing his wife’s cancer. It all depends on who you personally know, I guess: and if he’s a Democrat. It’s comments like Cal’s that makes this stuff very interesting…Going to meet a hero of mine, Mike Ditka tonight who’s endorsing David McSweeney for 8th district Congress. David would be a reincarnation of Tom Coburn in the U.S. House, a return of high quality to that chamber which needs it…Next Sunday on Political Shootout (WLS-AM) 8 p.m.: Ron Gidwitz, a Republican candidate for governor and State Rep. Jack Franks (D-IL) which means the only GOP candidate for governor I haven’t had yet is Judy Baar Topinka. Am trying for her now (don’t hold your breath).

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  1. Sunday night will be very interesting indeed... now that the Gidwitz/Rauschenberger campaign has begun. This may be the dumbest question of the year... but... Is the JBT nomination locked up???