Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Ditka Endorses McSweeney for 8th District Congress

Last night I was a guest at the David McSweeney campaign rally, reception and dinner at which Mike Ditka spoke. No one ever had a better send-off from Ditka than McSweeney. It was a brilliant, extemporaneous rouser that was inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable. As I’ve said before, David has a totally engrossing world view suitable to be a great Congressman in the Tom Coburn tradition—a tradition I wish more would emulate. He’s a scholar with a common touch and better than that I can’t say about anyone else.


  1. Tom, Why do you continue having the hack Jack Franks on your show? He has to be th ebiggest blowhard in Springfield and has so little credibility here in McHenry. We need to get a good candidate and make this a seat that represents the majority of republicans in the district. Franks is a bum!

  2. So-Called "Austin Mayor"December 8, 2005 at 6:07 AM

    When was the last time someone endorsed by Ditka won an election?

    Seriously -- when?

  3. I chose to support Robert Churchill because he has 19 years of pro-life, pro second amendment, and pro-family votes. You can verify his record, his opponents are all talk.