Monday, December 19, 2005

As I Post My Sunday Tribune Op Ed on the Jackson Challenge

to Richard M. Daley, there will be some who say: what’s a good conservative boy like you flirting with Rep. Jesse Jackson for mayor of Chicago? The answer is simple and three-fold. First, Daley may have beautified the city but he and his antecedents have been at the trough too long. While it’s perfectly valid so say with some cynicism: when you purify the pond the lilies die, it is also valid to stir the pond so as to dislodge the undergrowth—this particular undergrowth having lain on the bottom of the pond since Anton Cermak in 1931.

Second, in response to those social conservatives who say: “what’s a good conservative pro-lifer like you doing siding with Rep. Jesse Jackson, a pro-abort?” let me remind you that there is probably nothing so venal and duplicitous as a pro-lifer turned pro-abort which is what Richard Daley is. Until the real millennium comes (not the park) when a candidate appears who can run on socially conservative principles and stand a chance of getting in, I will side more nearly with one who has never betrayed the cause rather than one who has. Third—I seem to have forgotten…but two reasons should be enough.

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