Tuesday, November 1, 2005

What We Wouldn’t Know Without Lynn Sweet’s Editorial Page Column (Reminder: News Pages are for News and Editorial Pages Are for Opinion).

That Sen. Barack Obama has opened a new PAC: Hopefund...That it has hired two full-time fund-raisers...That on a certain Saturday Obama presided over the inaugural of his Hopefund…That Obama is letting his blog slide (after all, it was only a rehash of his press releases). Instead he’s skipping to the next big thing in communications and now podcasts daily (talking about, among other things, the death of Rosa Parks and the White Sox)...That Sen. Dick Durbin hosted a viewing party for the third game of the World Series...That Durbin and Mayor Daley (the mayor being in Washington to receive the “local hero” award from the National Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund) were groggy when the game ended at 2 a.m. That the menu consisted of pizza and an assortment [of what? Not mentioned] from the Illinois Congressional delegation...That Jan Schakowsky, Dan Lipinski, Ray LaHood, Melissa Bean, Jerry Costello and Rahm Emanuel were all there...That Obama came in “fresh from the mound at U.S. Cellular Field where he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the second game.”

Note: It was smart of Obama to ditch his regular blog which ran only his old press releases. Sweet does that for him.


  1. Isn't all that Michael Sneed's beat?

  2. So-Called "Austin Mayor"November 1, 2005 at 9:42 AM

    that Sweet reports primarily on the goings-on of Illinois Democratic delegation -- as indicated by your endnote -- well, that is because the people of Illinois have elected Democrats to represent them.

    Both of Illinois' Senators are Democrats, so stories about Illinois Senators will feature... wait for it... Democrats. And when the Democratic Senators are visited by the Democratic mayor of Chicago, once again, Sweet will be writing about Democrats. Maybe if the IL GOP had put forward someone other than Ambassador CucooCrazy for Senate, she would have a Republican Senator to write about. But that is the fault of the Illinois right-wing Republican leadership, not Lynn Sweet.

    But if your point is that the Sun-Times should hire additional staff to cover Washington and have Sweet stick to a regular opinion column, as long as they don't cut down on Sweet's column inches, I agree. More coverage is usually better coverage.

    Too much of the Sun-Times DC coverage -- as opposed to wire stories -- does comes through a single source: Lynn Sweet. I don't think that's her fault and I think she does an admirable job of wearing two hats, but it is less than ideal.

    So if that was your point we are in agreement, but take no comfort from that. I may only be agreeing due to the aforementioned blockheadedness.

    Off topic -- please let your webmaster know that the RSS feed is publishing quotation marks, both double and single, as distracting little boxes that look like this: ?

    Sometimes that is caused by the use of an odd font, but that doesn't appear to be the case on your blog.

  3. Why the umbrage over Lynn Sweet's columns? What did she ever do to you to deserve this? Be nice!