Monday, November 7, 2005

Jeff Berkowitz Seems to Have Called It Right

topinka close up
…on my WLS-AM program last night when he predicted that Judy Baar Topinka would shortly announce that she will run for governor. The Tribune this morning confirmed it. Her willingness to run will put the conservatives in a dreadful bind. This year, more than ever before, there are outstanding conservatives seeking the nomination—too many of them: State Sen. Bill Brady, businessman Jim Oberweis, State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger with Joe Birkett probably bowing out (one rumor has him running for Lieutenant Governor with Topinka—say it’s not true, Joe!) Normally, a Summit endorsement should have convinced those who lost to drop out. Not this conservative group: they’d rather all run and lose to a Republican liberal.

If the deadlock holds, conservative intransigence will frustrate any attempt to take the party back with all-but-official Democrat Jim Thompson’s and wuss crybaby Jim Edgar’s choice winning the nomination. Yesterday Thompson was on TV extolling the prematurely orange-haired lady who plays her accordion at gay rights rallies. You’d think with his record as the audit committee watchdog who snoozed on the Sun-Times board while the two crooks ran away with everything but the door-knobs, the media would have more questions to ask of the monstrously ego-driven Thompson than who he backs for governor. But get this: conservatives proud of their inability to compromise to build a united ticket will go down with all trumpets blaring the inanity that means nothing to insiders: “Kjellander must go, hey-hey!” allowing a grateful Topinka to get the nomination. Thus will the geriatric wing of conservatism triumph with the slogan: We forget nothing and learn nothing.


  1. Tell Dobson branch of the GOP to take a break and get an Illinois conservative to back Milton Friedman's position on the commercialization of pot. (See ) Beat Democrats to the punch. Cut expenses; incrase revenues; get the government out of the bowl, unless it's one being lit by a state licensed hookah handler in a race track reefer room.

  2. Quote - In particular, several Republicans said, Mr. Rove drove the decision to recruit Judy Baar Topinka to run in the Illinois governor's race in 2006, a development this week that suddenly made the race competitive for Republicans. Although Mr. Rove is still leaving contact with candidates to his subordinates, especially Mr. Mehlman and Sarah Taylor, the White House political director, he is back to mapping out the nationwide strategy as he has in races past, several Republicans said.

    "He was never as far out of it as people said he was, but he was distracted," said one Republican official, declining to speak for attribution because he does not speak officially for Mr. Rove. "Now he's not distracted anymore." NYT

    I can't remember the last conservative candidate for governor for the Republican ticket. I voted for Glenn Poshard who was more conservative, honest and decent than his opponent.

    In 2006 I'd hate to have to vote for Blago but if given the choice between him and Judy than Blago is who I vote for. Unlike Poshard, I don't like Blago but he is the lessor of two evils.

    I beg Republican primary candidates to drop out of the race if they will do nothing but allow Judy to win the nomination. Our state is one of the worst in the nation on taxes and corruption and it is time to finally get rid of it in the governors mansion.

    Reject Judy for the future of Illinois.