Friday, October 21, 2005

Valerie Jarrett May Well Enter the Race Against Daley

News that Valerie Jarrett is looking forward to the strong possibility of running against Daley may cause some to ponder. Four points: first, she is an accomplished woman executive with thorough experience in city government: the most recent post being chair of the CTA. Two, she is close to Daley as well as to the Jackson family. Three: she could be performing a service for the machine by entering the contest which could result in divided allegiance from African Americans. Four: she could be the kind of independent candidate herself who would not take dictation from the Daleys. The picture isn't clear yet on whether her motive is number three or number four. There is little doubt, however, that an earlier trial balloon that had Carol Moseley Braun running for mayor was a blatant Daley-inspired effort to divide the black vote from an independent challenger. So transparent was the gesture that shortly afterward Mosley Braun pulled out of speculation.


  1. Split the black vote so Jesse Jr. will lose.

  2. ...some young Republican African American in Chicago and Cook county with a Republican party willing to put some money behind them.

    That will have a positive pay back in the burbs too and be one of the best things to happen to the party in the state.