Thursday, October 6, 2005

On Political Shootout Sunday

On my WLS Political Shootout next Sunday will be dairy magnate and prize-winning market analyst Jim Oberweis, a Republican candidate for governor, and Frank Avila, conservative Democrat who attended the Conservative Summit and told the group Oberweis’ candidacy would be fatal because he has alienated Hispanics (which loyal Oberweis fans vehemently deny and question why Avila was even at the meeting). That’s in line with other GOP gubernatorial candidates who have jousted with their critics including State Sen. Bill Brady vs. Becky Carroll, the gov’s spokesperson on the budget…and DuPage County state’s attorney Joe Birkett vs. the man who ran Lisa Madigan’s campaign against him, Mike Noonan. Not to be sexist about it, but the willingness of these GOPers to battle political operatives and/or wonk critics separates the men from the boys. (Note: We’ve had invitations outstanding to Gov. Blagojevich for a long time.) That’s at 8 p.m. on AM 890.

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  1. In your excellent Sunday Trib article about Republican politics you said that Joe Birkett might lose Hispanic votes because of his perceived ties to the Rolando Cruz prosecution. I can tell you that this issue resonated in the last election with lots of downstate and suburban voters who are not Hispanic. Once that story got out, it seemed that the DuPage SA office had tried to put an innocent man on death row because they were too embarrassed to admit they had made a mistake. A number of my friends and family members, most of whom lean Republican and none of whom are Hispanic, commented to me that they were upset about that issue and were reluctant to support Jim Ryan because of it.