Monday, October 24, 2005

A Clear Contrast with Rutherford the Week Before

State Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac) was the guest the week before with interrogator Russ Stewart, political analyst for the Nadig newspapers which serve Chicago’s northwest side. In contrast to Tony Peraica, Rutherford took no stands whatsoever beyond his wish to serve in the office of Secretary of State. It is one thing to avoid stumbles but quite another to be so careful in issue avoidance that you come off as resembling a civic-do gooder Rotarian. Stewart, a very good interrogator and I, tried to separate the candidate from his bland blandishments but were unsuccessful. The topper for me was Rutherford’s boast that he has framed a picture of his opponent Jesse White for his office. I didn’t get the slightest inkling as to what Rutherford would do in the office or any argument that he should be elected. He’s hyper articulate but unless he gives one a reason to vote for him, why not keep Jesse in office and Jesse’s portrait continuing to hang in its place of honor in Rutherford’s office!


  1. There is so much corruption in the Secretary of State's office it is unbelievable. Start with the girlfriend of Jesse White (lots of them out there) who stole the non for profit money went to Arizona came back changed her story--it made the papers and just disapeared.
    Also look into Tom Benigno's connections to LCN, Toots Caruso's sister as his secretary and lots of jobs going to interesting characters.
    The Deputy Director of Drivers Services is a convicted felons.

    Look into the real estate deals of Leo Lucio.

    A real bank robbing connection with Walter Burnett the Bankrobber as the alderman in the White organization and State Rep Dunkins brother--they robbed the bank and are now robbing the taxpayer.

    Close connections with George Ryan too.

  2. Don't attack a Black Man--that is racist. (even though he was an Uncle Tom his entire career oppossing Harold Washington and Ricky Hendon and being the house boy for George Dunne)
    Don't attack someone who helps with the Tumblers--who care what he does with his money.
    Don't look into his personal life--we only do that to Jack Ryan.
    Don't look into corruption--it is not him personally and blame it on George Ryan.
    Don't talk about bad service, long lines, bad business incorporations info etc--He is black and he helps kids.

    Jesse White is corrupt and incompentent.
    We are not sure why he is running for another term

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