Sunday, September 18, 2005

What's RSS?


RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication", which is a format for distributing and sharing web content. offers a variety of FREE RSS feeds that include headlines, summaries and links back to the full articles on

What do I need to use RSS?

You will need a news reader also known as an aggregator, which displays RSS content feeds for you to use and read.

If you do a search for "rss readers", "rss newreaders" or "rss aggregator" with any internet search engine, you will have a number of options from which to choose.

Here are some links to several popular news readers:

  • NetNewsWire (Mac)
  • BottomFeeder (Mac)
  • Amphetadesk (Mac)
  • SharpReader (Win)
  • FeedDemon (Win)
  • FeedReader (Win)

    Once you've obtained a new reader, you can subscribe to one of our feeds by simply adding the url to the feed.

    How do I know if a site has RSS?

    Many sites, including, display a small orange icon with the acronym RSS or XML to alert you a feed is available. Below is a link to feeds.

    Tom Roeser Free Content Full Feed
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