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Personal Asides: Nope, Daley Endorses Meeting with the Gang Bangers. Sign of Weakness…CBS Ratings Hit the Basement; Tribune in Bankruptcy: Hey Here’s an Idea!

  Feast of St. Ingrid of Sweden*
                               Daley’s  Show of Weakness. 
         You don’t have to be a criminologist or crowd psychologist to understand that Police Superintendent Jody Weis meeting with the gang-bangers is a dreadful show of weakness. And Richie Daley endorsing it tells one much about the lamentable impotence and sign of failure of law enforcement while the prince-ling of bluster and flappability blunders and thrashes about in the English language…sputtering, stumbling and stammering  in lieu of tough performance.  Then there’s the futility of Namby Pamby Old Watery Eyes, Quinn, saying there should be no meetings but “gun control” should be further emphasized.  
         It’s indeed a sad pass when one remembers how Daley’s father ordered cops to “shoot to maim” and ultimately “shoot to kill” when the West Side erupted in flames after the King assassination…something the compliant media criticized him for but which snuffed out the riots. And tough discipline during the 1968 Dem convention for which marshmallow cookies Walter Cronkite,  Dan Rather and others assailed him.  Daley, Sr.’s tough stance kept Chicago from becoming another Detroit. Not that media noticed or acknowledges.  
      One by one, old man Daley’s kid has shorn articles of strength and embraced Jello-style liberal weakness, in contradistinction to his father. To sum  it all: The old man was resolute in his working class traditionalism, sticking with the articles of his faith: pro-life, opposition to homosexual permissiveness, the death penalty, tough law and order. The kid has bargained them away (his ultimate stand on the death penalty very indistinct and garbled, based on his “I’m pro-death! I oppose it!” statement in order to appeal to the Left, pandering to the races and every other significant voting group so that he would not have to face primary opposition from the Left.  Now he has added the terrorist gangs to his pander list.  
          Daley’s willingness to send the highly overpaid Weight Lifter Superintendent with Tiny Eyes Set Too Close Together  to bargain away principles of criminal justice should be the final signal that an energetic campaign should be waged for mayor by someone next year.  Running us into insolvency is one thing. Failure to  exert leadership on the one job government is sanctioned to do more than any other—protection of life in our neighborhoods—is the deciding factor. Abhorrent liberalism ala John Lindsay has always been viewed as improbable in Chicago…but now that it is here, it’s intolerable.       
                              CBS, NBC, ABC, Tribune, Newsweek, Time 

          The list of failing media empires is growing but Fox, Drudge and conservative outlets generally are rising.  What does that tell you? Not only are the mainstream media running on empty, but their far-left ideology is part of the problem.    Any fair marketing expert can tell you that the message purveyed by the foregoing is the same: anti- or non-patriotic, pro-exotic, pro-elitist, godless, vapidly secular…and the public is not buying it. In order to stay in touch I subscribe to a host of newspapers…The Wall Street Journal which is running the legs off The New York Times for paper of record.  Do you know what the magazine section of The Times featured on Easter Sunday morning, the day Christ rose from the dead and launched a Church fastened on redemption?   
             Can science indisputably prove there are gay bunnies?  
             Fox is grabbing huge chunks of cable audiences. It is resolutely conservative. MSNBC is slumping: resolutely liberal.  CNN is fast falling down to minor league status. ABC hires as its Sunday talk show anchor, get this, Christiane Amanpour!  I am no one who should criticize looks…white haired, jowly, bespectacled, 82 with arthritic legs and double hearing aids…but when I get up in the morning and survey myself in the mirror…while indubitably grateful that I will have the benefit of another day… I still say “Ugh!”  I turn away and want to see someone attractive to make me forget what I look like and appreciate what an attractive person looks like.   
        Somehow Roger Ailes understands (maybe it takes another jowly man to understand).  So he has attractive, beauteous, young, blonde…and most of all intelligently conservative…female anchors by the truckload to divert me from my decrepitude including Megyn Kelly (a former federal prosecutor and partner of a blue chip Manhattan law firm with whom I was dissatisfied a while back because she appeared with Howie Stern)…Laura Ingraham (another top lawyer and former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas)—gorgeous in my opinion if you must know… 
          …Shannon Bream is another lawyer, summa cum laude graduate of Liberty University law school.  So she was also Miss Virginia in the Miss America contest a few years ago.  Does that take away from her gravitas?  Her insights from covering the U. S. Supreme Court are exactly like my own?  Should I punish myself by switching the dial and looking at Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC? Yuk. She and Alan Greenspan deserve each other.   
          No my favorites are not all beauteous women.  Bret Baer is a bright young 30 something with the blooming health of an athlete…Katherine Herrige is a slim, tidy Harvard poly sci grad…not especially a looker but a competent mom—and so loving a one that she gave part of her liver to her desperately ill infant son…I have prayed nightly for another mom, not especially a looker, to recover from cancer: Jennifer Griffin who has done so and reports from Afghanistan.  And to show that I am not passion’s plaything about beauteous women, I like Greta van Susteren, a Georgetown law grad who has a machine-gun style of questioning pop-pop-pop and who for the life of me I can’t understand is a Scientologist.  
              At least part of the solution is apparent. The message, after all, is the most important thing. Yet the moguls who are losing their shirts cannot bear to veer from the Left…because it is their pseudo religion.  On and on they go…with Katie Couric at CBS spouting her inane liberalism in her commentary…Brian Williams sitting at attention like a schoolboy taking instructions from Barack Obama…the Tribune editorials skewing this way and that all the while the reportage favors liberalism lite…Newsweek falling into the hands of a 92-year-old titan who wants to save it to be of service to his Congresswoman wife…Time performing lip-service to every liberal fad.   
            Tell me: am I wrong or are Fox anchors men and women brighter-appearing?   
                                    Phil O’Connor (Part II).  
          Dr.  Phil O’Connor, gifted political scientist, rhetorician and scholar, wrote a recent article contradicting Adlai Stevenson III and me who have charged vote fraud stole the 1982 election for governor from him and reelected Jim Thompson.  In the first of this series, Dr. O’Connor cites statistics that he maintains proves the election wasn’t stolen. Now at my request he writes on the issue whether there was a quid pro quo deal in which Supreme Court Justice Seymour Simon tipped the court balance that nixed the recount where Thompson led by a slender 5,000 votes statewide.  Dr. O’Connor was political director for the Thompson campaign.  
          Through it all, I have only boundless admiration for Dr. O’Connor for his brilliant knowledge of state government. It is always touching to see an unmitigated loyalist. And his loyalties to the Thompson era and those attendant to it are famous. On my radio show during the trial of George Ryan (a key figure in the Thompson GOP-Dem Combine and for whom ex-Gov. Thompson generously allocated multi-millions of Winston-Strawn resources to the  defense of his lieutenant governor pro-bono), I never saw a more gifted apologist for the defendant who is still in jail serving out numerous charges for tenure where, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the state was basically put up for sale.  In fact if somehow jurisprudence could have been amended and Dr. O’Connor, a non-lawyer, could have posited the defense, I have no doubt ex-Gov. Ryan would  be a free man today. Here then is the second in the series of two articles. 
                                                  By Phil O’Connor. 
           I have always marveled at Adlai’s notion that the idea that Seymour Simon joined the majority  in the case because somewhere down the road his son would do some legal work for the state. There were two key rulings in the case.  The first held that Adlai had failed to show the necessary condition for a full recount—that there was a probability of reversing the certified result that was obvious when his argument about the invalidity of ballots in Lake county was  shown to be beyond absurd.  Second, the Court ruled that the recount law was unconstitutional.  
         As I have explained, that was so obvious that we did not even bother to raise the issue, expecting that even a first-year law student would get the picture.  The Court saw this.  
         The real question is why the three other Democrats on the Court did not join the majority.  Perhaps their party loyalty clouded their view of the state law and the state Constitution.  
          John Simon had been an assistant U. S. attorney and had worked with Thompson. Many other former assistant U. S. attorneys served under Thompson or did contractual work for the state. These include many names we all recognize—Tony Valukas, Dan Webb, Jim Montana, Gordon Nash, Ilana Rovner, Jim Zagel, Sam Skinner. These people including John Simon were among the best ever to serve in, for, or around, state government and it would be nice to have their like now.  
           John Simon is recognized as an accomplished lawyer and is a senior partner at one of the largest and best firms in America. He did not need some contract from Thompson.  Adlai (and Tom) need to get more closely in touch with reality.  Adlai barely lose election as governor.  1982 was a terrific Democratic year but he was a weak candidate. He trailed in the polls by a substantial margin until the weekend prior when the anti-GOP wave, the “Punch 10” campaign, the impending enthusiasm for Harold Washington and a fair measure of  outright fraud combined to bring him close—but no cigar.  
          I would again remind you that among that many people (over four dozen) convicted of vote fraud, not one was convicted of stealing for Thompson. Adlai was the beneficiary in every case. 
  *: St. Ingrid of Sweden [Circa 1252].  She was born in Skanninge, Sweden in the 13th century.  She was born into a religious family and received her Catholic training from Peter of Dacia, a Dominican priest. She became the first Dominican nun in Sweden and founded the first Dominican cloister there, called St. Martin’s in Skianninge. She is the patroness of Sweden notwithstanding that during the Reformation her relics were scattered and her convent destroyed.

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